This year, I have began to realise how important it is to draw. The more you draw the more you improve, and I have began to see that with my work. Ink-tober was something that I could get my teeth stuck into and do an inked drawing every day for 31 days. The challenge was created by Jake Parker, and he sets words every year for each day. I have decided to make a blog post about this to show my progress and I will make another at the end of the month as well. I am currently on day 9 and I am keeping with a halloween / October / autumn theme!

Day 1: ”Fast”


Day 2: ”Noisy”


Day 3: ”Collect”


day 4: ”Hungry”


Day 5: ”sad”


Day 6: ”Hidden”


Day 7: ”Lost”


Day 8: ”Rock”



Day 9: ”Broken”


Responding to another’s chosen artwork


Responding to a piece of work that we were only introduced to that day was something quite out of the ordinary for me! Not to mention, we were given the task to make a response only in 3D and within a 1 hour time period. With limited materials, I found it difficult to get stuck in. I managed to get hold of cardboard because my initial thoughts was that I could use the cardboard to resemble the etchings of this piece. Ripping up and tearing the cardboard gave it a more organic look and so I began to create a 3D face.


My Chosen Art piece.

Background.jpgSophie Woodrow is a Bristol based artist which I came across in the Cardiff museum. Her practice is mainly Ceramics and works with Soft paste Porcelain. The piece that I saw was called ”Carningli, Owl, Amroth, Fox, Antelope”. ranging from different sizes, they are abstract animal and human forms which instantly caught my eye and reminded me of my own work. The creatures look surreal and delicate and represent the ”what might have”. Each creature has a different element which reminds of something that isn’t necessarily linked to the animal or human form. These creatures are created through her own imagination and says it’s like a ”dream-state”. The figurative creatures are inspired by initiative and natural forms; Sophie says she ‘works backwards’. She doesn’t see it as a response to nature itself but an impulse to make art that reflects our relationship with nature. The creatures represent those who live inside her head, And so, that is what I am fascinated by.

I am inspired to create creatures which are also in my mind and portray them the way I feel suitable. SW2.jpg