Subject: The Outcome

The artist which I started with, Sophie Woodrow, has allowed  me to fully recognise my love and interest in the sub-conscious mind and the fine-art side of Character art. As she is an artist that worked with clay, I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to work in anything other than the porcelain that she uses, But throughout the year, I have created illustration which come from within my sub-conscious much like she does with clay. my work couldn’t have developed with the inspiration and challenges of both field projects. My work has evolved and become almost an entirely new topic with the sub-conscious  and has been a massive influence for my dissertation. Spirits and things that you cannot necessarily see with the human eye is and will be the main focus of my work for the continued years of University and perhaps the practice in which I will stay in for years to come.

The works that I am showing for my final piece is a series of illustrations which are my own interpretations of the spirits. All sub-consciously and spontaneously drawn, They represent the creatures of another realm, such as the mind. The silhouettes allow other to interpret the creatures for themselves. As an artist who is bringing them into our reality, I am not forcing the idea of what the appear as but instead leaving room for peoples own perception and thoughts. To carry on from this, I will be experimenting in more depth with colours. and possibly texture?

The second outcome, I created an animation that represents the ‘thin place’. Although only 1:30 due to the limited time and programme difficulties, I believe it successfully shows the way I peak through to another realm where spirits and creatures of the mind can roam freely. I wanted it to be a lot longer than it was and contain more spirits but it didn’t work out. Despite of this I am excited with the outcome and will continue to develop my animation skills with the inspiration from Lotte Reiniger.

The final outcome was a spontaneous piece which I was unsure about at first but works well with the whole collection of artwork. A wind chime, inspired by my childhood memories of making houses for the fairies and dream catchers to steal away the night terrors. There was something quite nostalgic and beautiful about creating something so handmade and meaningful. A collection of natural objects such as sticks feathers and pinecones from a wooded area in the park in which I can be alone and yet not alone because I have myself and my mind to think and reconcile with on a busy day. Despite the finished piece looking what I thought to be naive and not ‘professional”, I believe it to be a memory and also a direct connection to my sub-conscious and the spirit realm within.

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