Spirit Wind-chime

In addition to the animation and series of illustrations, I wanted to create a 3D object that would reflect the spirits sound and perhaps a ‘thin place’ much like the ones such as stone Henge or even a religious site such as churches or Mosques.

This was influenced by the site project which took place in the local park where I live. The idea of the exhibition was to get people to ‘hunt’ for these spirits almost like a easter egg hunt which we did as children. This made me think of when I was a child and how me and my mum would craft fairy houses and sun catchers. Little did I know at the time, that this was a direct path to the unknown and the spirits within ourselves. Therefore, I decided to create a wind chime which would represent the open mind of a child and the connections between our reality and the sub-conscious reality where the spirits dwell.

Each object that was used for this wind chime was collected from the park at which I held the spirit hunt. The reason for this is because during my time at Uni, the walk in the park everyday is a place of pure thinking and freedom. It’s a place where I can connect with nature in such a busy city but also connect with myself and the spirits within. I wanted to keep the DIY look of the finished piece as it reminded me of my inner child and the memories of searching for fairies in our own handmade fairy houses. The sound of distant bells has always made me think of magic, and so I added this to the piece as well. Not only this, but I decided to include some of the spirit silhouettes which I made in response to my ink drawings. I have been debating with myself whether or not to keep them white but I had decided to keep them white for the reason of purity. As the studio will be bright and white, The paper cutouts won’t be fully visible and therefore you would only see them when you either look for them or when you least expect to see them. The idea of this relates well with the way we find spirits in reality.

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