Can you see us?

After hours of work on this animated short film, I have completed the animation. The finished piece has a total of over 500 frames but despite all my efforts and challenges that I faced, I overcame them and I believe to have effectively created a pathway into my spirit realm. I say ‘my’ because I believe that everyone perceives differently, which is the reason as to why I kept these spirit creatures as silhouettes. I wanted to allow people to make up their own minds as to what they appear as.

I decided to keep the story minimum. Although storyboards were made, there was no start middle or end to the film as I wanted it to be a scene with only a few spirits morphing into different creatures. Using a layering technique of moving image and sound, I could achieve a window which acted as the veil between our world and theirs. The sounds are that of a scratching vinyl which I instantly think of as interference. This sound is effectively used to signal how close one is to the ‘thin place’. I also recorded my own voice which was layered upon each voice line. I say things such as ‘’Can you see us’’, ‘’Give us a rose’’ and ‘’How do I make you feel?’’. These voices are supposedly the voices of the spirits and ‘’give us a rose’’ is a direct reference to the Jinn which I researched through my field project. This later became a big influence on my subject work. As for the breathing which was also recorded by myself, I knew I desired this to reflect the person visiting the spirit world. Much like meditation (where you can access your sub-conscious and different realities), you are supposed to concentrate on your breathing. If one was to enter an alternate realm, I imagine that the sound of their own breath would be quite intense.

The outcome of this animation had exceeded my expectations as I have never attempted an animation before. The programmes that I used were unpredictable as they aren’t meant for animation. I would definitely acquire different programmes next time as photoshop caused a lot of problems. I would also make my animation a lot longer and perhaps add more spirits into the frame. Unfortunately photoshop wouldn’t allow me to add much more due to the amount that is already in it, despite it only being 1:30.

Luckily, I can always add more to this because my spirits and creatures in my own mind are forever growing and creating. especially as I am continuing this project into my third year.


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