Artist statement

‘’Can you see us?’’


My curiosity of spirituality, mythology and the sub-conscious mind has had a massive influence on the way I am working. I have been delving into the understanding of spirits and the way people perceive them. By using the sub-conscious mind, I can create my own perception of what these spirits/creatures would appear to look like. Although this is personal to me, I have illustrated them in a way that only suggests and allowing the viewer to make their own perception of what their spirits would appear as.


The focus of my work all comes down to the sub-conscious mind and making instinctive marks to create a human or animal-like form. I have illustrated a series of ink drawings, all of which differ in appearance but are concealed with only a suggestion as to what the spirits would emerge as. I believe that these creatures appear to us in different forms and are completely individual to one’s sub-conscious mind. Amongst the illustration, I have also created a small animation which suggests the piercing of the veil between our realm and the realm of the spirits. There are but a few ways to enter this ‘thin place’ as suggested by the ancient Celts, but I have created connection between my reality and the reality of my sub-conscious mind and the spirits that dwell there. In the animation, shows a scene of spirits coming and going, morphing into different forms. The sound of vinyl scratching layering over the top of voices was a way to show the line between our world and theirs.


The wind chime is an extension of my works as it reflects my own childhood of creating homemade objects such as fairy houses, sun catchers and wind chimes much like this one. Not only this but I wanted to create another form of ‘thin place’ using a collection of organic materials found in the forest where I feel most connected to the spirits.


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