Morocco: A Final look

I have talked about how much the trip to Morocco had influenced my subject and field work.  The Jinn, has been a key figure in my subject as I have started to look into spirits and how we perceive these elusive creature/human forms. I have realised how much we differ from each other in the way we see the spirits; making them spirits of your own mind.

My continued development in my second field project has led me to testing with ink and colour/patterns that are found in Morocco. From testing with Materials such as fabric and manipulating them in ways that suit the whole perception of a Jinn, to using ink and paper and creating them as I have been using in my subject; which was originally inspired by the figurative modelling field project. My whole project has been based on what the Jinn would appear as to me and as the Quran says, they were derived from the smokeless fires before any human was created. The smokeless fire immediately makes me wonder if the Jinn was in fact the smoke. The properties of smoke are quite similar as the jinn is quick and elusive, and disappear in almost an instant (much like smoke).  I knew that I wanted to use inks to portray these creatures which would then quickly catch on in my subject work.

Throughout this field project I looked at artists such as Elvis Robertson and Maurizio Anzeri who both use an layering embroidery technique. As our focus was textiles based, which was definitely out of my comfort zone, I tried to use these artist as a way to understand the learn from them.

development started to occur, with a lot of testing and manipulating with fabric and coloured dyes which I brought back from Morocco. I used embroidery to start adding patterns and colour to the inkblots. This was to represent and understand the culture and religion of country which I had visited not to long ago. Using my own photo’s which I had captured in Marrakech as reference for colour and pattern.

I would like to say that I have a final piece, but that wouldn’t  be entirely true as I was to carry on the project of spirits into my third year, I want to start introducing colour to my subject much like I have done with my field. As you can see, there are two finished pieces which I believe represent my thoughts on what a Jinn would appear as. This idea is completely my own and I believe the lack of much detail in the character, allows others to have there own view on what it could actually look like.

The first piece, began with etching. After learning about etching, I knew I wanted to create a piece which would represent a Jinn. Despite not having pattern, I focused primarily on shape and colour. The different shades and sizes represent the smoke ‘dancing’; as is the Jinn. Limited with tissue paper, I tried to keep the colours bright and Moroccan in nature. The outcome, was quite interesting and almost tells a story of the Jinn causing mischief and dancing around looking for it’s next victim.


As for the second piece, I used ink and pattern to create another representation of the Jinn. This piece has inspired my subject in many ways and will continue to do so throughout my third year. Using ink, I sub-consciously played around with ink to create a form. After creating 15 different forms, I chose one which has to be my favourite. Like the etching, I can sense movement and dance much like the smoke of a fire.


I wanted to add a part of the Quran into the piece. The Arabic writing is so interesting in itself and I believe it adds a sense of mystery and wonder to the piece. The writing on the Jinn says ” And the Jinn we created before from scorching fire.” Surah Al-Hijr 15:26-27. For the pattern, I was influenced by a photograph I took of a wall inside the Palace. the colours were separate from the photo but they were also inspired by what I saw throughout my stay in Marrakech.

I believe this project to be ongoing and not at all complete. I am excited to see where it will take me and my journey into the realm of spirits, perception and mystery.


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